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Frequently asked questions



Why should I use Beyond Broke Mechanical and Automotive Services?


We come to you, Local and convenient. The advanatage of  having your own technitian there with you to explain what we find, there & then, on your vehicle. You can see what we show you. Before We commence any sceduled work, the Mechanic will show you an itemised quote of work to be undertaken and cost's  involved as per booking.

Do I have to pay on the day of the job and how can I pay?


All payments need to be made at the completion of the job. We accept EFTPOS all major credit cards, Cash and Cheque. (American Express, Diners, MotorCharge and MotorPass Not accepted.)

Do you work Public Holidays?
Yes and no. We are closed on Christmas & Boxing Day, New Years Day, Good Friday, Easter Saturday / Sunday and Anzac Day. However on most other national or local public holidays we are avaliable for After Hours Breakdown Service. Please call to comfirm our avaliability if you require these services. 
How does Your pricing work?


This depends on what you need. We always strive to give a Quoted price upfront and let you know what other repairs maybe required, to let you be incontrol of costs. If you are unsure what is wrong with your vehicle and need a Mechanic to just come out and fix the car we have a Call Out fee of $130 which includes travel if within service area (25km radius from Broke) and 30 minutes of labour. After this, we then charge hourly rate in 15 minute increments.

Will I be Charged a cancellation fee if unavaliable on day of booking?
Yes and no. If cancelled within 24hrs of booked date/time a Booking fee of $130 will be charged via EFTPOS. However if cancelled or resceduled proir to the 24hr period or confirmation call, you will not incur any charges.
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